Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i)

Press Release on Sustainable Natural Rubber Project

Posted on 28 May 2013

About 85% of natural rubber is produced by smallholders, whose decision to plant new trees and tap depends on the opportunity cost and hence adequate long-term growth of the natural rubber supply calls for positive action to achieve natural rubber sustainability. As the world increases momentum towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility, all players in the rubber industry value chain are rapidly focusing their attention onto the application of sustainability principles and the global supply chain with regard to resource efficiency/purchase of raw materials. The International Rubber Study Group (IRSG), an inter-governmental organisation (with 35 member governments), has recently called for a timely project on Sustainable Natural Rubber, with the aim of involving all stakeholders, public and private, and in both producer and consumer countries.

At the World Rubber Summit held in Singapore last week, based on the recommendation of IRSG’s Heads of Delegation and the Industry Advisory Panel a Sustainable Natural Rubber Action Plan was announced with the key objective being to promote the use of voluntary sustainable natural rubber standards throughout the global rubber economy. The envisaged Sustainable Natural Rubber programme is complementary to the existing domestic economic, social and environmental programs in producing countries and will be based on multi-stakeholder commitment and participation. The next phase of this programme will focus on the definition of relevant voluntary sustainability guidelines, policy and potential mechanisms for implementation of these guidelines through consultation with the natural rubber producer governments and other international forums on voluntary sustainability standards.

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