Sustainable Natural Rubber Initiative (SNR-i)

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SNR-i is a multi-stakeholder initiative and we encourage participation from all sections of the supply chain and contribute to making the global natural rubber sector more sustainable for the future.

If you are interested in the natural rubber supply chain, and support this initiative, please keep reading.

Potential Benefits of being a Self-Declared value chain player

This is the first step an organisation can demonstrate in it's journey towards embracing sustainability in natural rubber.

  • Access to best practices on agricultural, environmental and social aspects.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity with sustainable natural rubber practices.
  • Creating positive impact on environmental and social issues collectively.
  • Helping to support better livelihoods and working conditions for farmers and farm workers.
  • International Market Access to Sustainable Natural Rubber.
  • Ensure a more sustainable and secure future for natural rubber.
  • Share best practices, create stories and collect evidence that will resonate with your stakeholders.
  • A strategic platform to create & influence policies and key decisions.
  • Build partnerships and strong relationships across the public, private and voluntary sectors.

Any organisation, that wishes to implement the SNR-i verification procedure based on its compliance (and the compliance of its suppliers) against the SNR-i Criteria and Indicators can register their interest. Sourcing of Sustainable Natural Rubber can be ensured through a SNR-i self declaration signed by the supplier(s).

To download the Self-Declaration document, click:
Self-Declaration document in English
Self-Declaration document in Bahasa Indonesia
Self-Declaration document in Chinese
Self-Declaration document in French
Self-Declaration document in Portuguese
Self-Declaration document in Thai
Self-Declaration document in Vietnamese

Please return completed document to IRSG via email to